I completed a master's degree in social sciences because I have always been interested in studying human behavior. After working in consultancy I have switched to the Blockchain space to develop further in the emerging technologies. 

In the meantime, I graduated from music school and took voice lessons for several years. Since music was my passion, I decided to change my field of work and learn how to create music. So I started taking music production courses and learned how to create audio tracks and record vocals. 

What do you do in life and what are your dreams? 

I have been in the crypto field for more than two years as a writer and analyst. I spend my spare time learning how to produce and master music. For me music is much more than entertainment, it is a passion and a way to express my feelings and connect with the world around me. I like to produce audio tracks in different genres. That's why my dream is to express my personality through my music. 

What do you expect from this experience? 

I am grateful to participate in this competition and use it as an opportunity to grow, learn and develop. This experience is an opportunity for me to push my limits and see how far I can go. It motivates me to be the best version of myself! 

What advice would you give to other competitors? 

The most important competition is the one you have with yourself. None of us will live up to our own expectations if we spend our time comparing ourselves to others. That's why I am certain that each of the contestants deserves to win. We have all come a long way to get here, so just be yourself and enjoy this experience! 

How are you preparing to face in the best way? 

The health of your mind and body are inextricably linked. To keep my mind sharp, I exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet. I love running, and this keeps me not only in good shape but also in the good mood. However, inner beauty is just as important as outer beauty. If a person is confident, sincere, and respectful of others, those qualities will show on the outside as well. That's why it's so important to always strive to be the best version of yourself. 

Tell us about your future projects 

Since I have always been passionate about music, I have decided to develop my skills in this area. I want to create my own music project, as it is very important for me to express myself through creativity. I am obsessed with alternative genres where I can mix different styles to create a unique sound experience.