Aesthetic surgery center dr. Žgaljardić

First clinic was founded in 1998 in Opatija. The clinic in Zagreb was founded in 2010. Our director and chief surgeon is Zoran Žgaljardić, MD, PhD. His excellence in cosmetic surgery granted him the title of one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the world in 2008 by the International Bord of Cosmetic surgeons. He was one of the pioneers in laser assisted liposuction and one of the first to implement laser lipolysis in facial rejuvenation that is nowdays called the endolight lift. Through the years he was often recognized as one of the leaders in the field and therefore received many awards. World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery entered him in their Hall of Fame in 2014. During the prestigious Anti-ageing and Beauty contest held in Monte Carlo every year, he received finalist certification for presenting the best clinical case in many categories: best surgical body shaping, best surgical facial rejuvenation, best laser procedure and rejuvenation with combined procedures. European Society for Quality research awarded him twice for providing the highest standard of care in the field. He received golden medal from Worldwide marketing organization and Trophy Award from the International Business Magazine. The Socrates Commitee awarded him with the Name in Medical Science and Practice award. Europe Business Assembly and European Medical Association awarded him with Top 100 Achievements award. The clinics were recognized worldwide due to excellence in providing patient care, excellent result with minimal downtime.

The aim is to provide the best personalized care, while creating beautiful, natural results that will turn client's dreams into reality. By combining cosmetic surgery, lasers, dermal fillers and skin care the clients can achieve the look they want. Carefully combining the art and science, final goal is to provide beautiful, natural results.