“I started my journey in this world purely by chance seven years ago, at the time I always dressed as a tomboy and I didn't have a shred of femininity but slowly I started to improve.

With simple lessons of poise I discovered my elegance and my potential, today I still find it hard to believe that I have achieved so many goals.

I participated in the Milan fashion week in 2021, I reached the semifinal of a national Beauty Contest, I won other minor competitions that led me to occasional jobs that made me grow, I posed with wedding dresses of important companies.

This world is all that I am, elegance, beauty, intelligence, sympathy and humility.

It is not enough to be beautiful, you need to have heart, courage, make many sacrifices and above all always be independent.

It is a world that I love, I love cinema, TV and social media because I like to interact with other people and pass on something through my means.

I am happy to represent my beautiful Italy, I hope to do it in the best possible way, to make my dreams come true and maybe why not ... you’ll see me on the red carpet of the Venice festival!”