Hello, my name is Dumitrescu Lavinia Oana, I have 28 years, come from Romania. I’m also a mom, my boy have almost 3 years old. I was married, and after divorce I started to fulfill my teenage dreams. So now I’m a model and recently I got on television, also I’m an influencer and content creator on TikTok and YouTube.

My standard job is in selling for 10 years, and now I’m account manager to a multinational telecommunication company.

I love fitness too, is a big passion for me. I like to pose, I make many, many shootings. 

I’m a very ambition person, creative and I have extra energy and good sense of humor. 

My dream is to become a personality that influences people to live beautifully, because the world has deteriorated a lot…

By participating in this show, I hope to take another step in my personal evolution and life experience. Also, meeting new people for me is always a good thing.

For me, the titles or the money never mattered. I think if something is for me, it happens. It's a healthy concept and I hope the rest of the girls look the same.

I didn't do anything special to prepare for the competition. I am always in good shape, and the fact that I am natural helps me not to need too many adjustments to be ready for any beauty contest.

In the future, I will definitely focus as much as I can on television, advertising and social media. I think I have a special charm that I recommend for the camera.