My name is Anais Gendelman, I am from New York. Im half Kyrgyz, half Jewish by nationality. All of my life i was traveling around a world. I lived 17 years in Moscow, after almost 7 years in Berlin and since 2019 i moved back to New York. My life is always full of adventures, because of this i never feel bored.

Right now im still trying to find my way. I was always interested in a creativity and beauty industry, but my aim is helping poor people in Arab African world.

Gain new experiences, realize some of my dreams and just enjoy every moment.

Just do what you have to do and the God will decide how to plan your future.

Doing a diet, doing exercises, thinking about how to behave, how to talk.

 As i told earlier, i want helping to poor. Nowadays there are a lot of programs who sponsors many countries and cities.