My name is Julia Drobova. I'm 19. Currently I'm living and studying in Warsaw, Poland. I started to think about modelling at the age of 14, but at this time I didn't know anything about this sphere. And I started to apply for modelling agencies in my city. And one agency pick me, but firstly to modelling school. When I finished it I started to work with other modelling agency and having first photoshots and catwalk. I'm presenting Cyprus, because I live here and spending time a lot. Plus family of my boyfriend is living here, so it is such an honor to present this great country. 

Now I'm studying at Lazarski University in Warsaw at economics faculty. I'm at my 2nd year now. Also I'm still working as a model, but for now by my own. Soon I'm planning to have some European modelling agency to have more opportunities at work. My dreams are to become a famous model and influencer, also to be able to travel anytime and to help my family and friends. Maybe start my own business in future.

I'm expecting to meet new people, find some new contacts to develop more in this sphere, present Cyprus at best way and get new emotions and experience

My advice to other competitors is to be honest and open. We are all friends here and already winners. This awards doesn't matter that much, we should just present our countries and ourself as good as we can. But we should be together, support and help to each other. 

Mostly I'm trying to be myself, who I am and just show the world my voice and my experience. Its such a big opportunity to me and honor to be here and participating in this great competition. 

Ectually I have a lot of plans and ideas. But for now I would like to keep it just in my head, for luck. I can say that after this competition I'm planning to develop my modelling career as much as I can. This competition will give me this opportunity, so I will try my best to use it.