I am 19 years old and live with my friend in apartment. We moved in nearly half a year ago and its been a really fun experience. I have two younger brothers that have always kept me on my toes and when i used to live at home i would always help my mum in the household.

I work in the health department and i have a big test ahead of me that i will hopefully pass to become a nurse, im very nervous. I really like to help people and look after them, although it can be tough but the funny and grateful patients make it worth it. 

I'm just looking to have fun and meet new people and just overall learn something and of course see a bit of Italy.

I just would want them to be confident and not too nervous just really staying relaxed and trying not to get too nervous  at the moment my only focus are the tests ahead of since they steer my whole career but afterwards i would look into a few.