I’ve grown up in Melbourne, Australia. However, having an ethnic background I’ve always embraced the Italian and Maltese culture in my everyday living. 

I’m always up for a challenge and love anything that defines my growth and develops me into a better version of myself. Hence why I’ve taken up nursing as a career. We never know what is coming through those emergency doors. It has shaped my performance as a determined, strong, and empowered woman. Furthermore, as a young girl, I have always admired the beauty industry, I would watch beauty pageants and admire their confidence, gowns and their individuality of beauty. It’s amazing how that young girl is here today. 

In my life, I’ve always wanted to help people become better. Therefore, I chose to take up a career in nursing to create a positive impact on people's lives.  

Eventually, I will like to open my own beauty clinic to help individuals feel beautiful in their own skin. Everyone has their unique beauty and I think it’s essential to embrace that.

⁃ Create intimate bonds with like-minded women.
⁃ Collaborate amongst creative artists.
⁃ Gain the opportunity of seeing how production and entertainment are staged in Europe.
⁃ Expand my growth as an individual with talented artists.

Fall in love with yourself first so that way love radiates onto others.  Be yourself and embrace your individuality and uniqueness. Beauty starts from within so always be happy for one another's achievements as we're all in it together.

⁃ I’m preparing to face in the best way by watching Miss Europe Continental pageant’s.
⁃ Listening to speeches and performances 
⁃ Continue to embrace fashion and collaborate with brands.

Working on myself to best perform by training at the gym and doing what nourishes my soul.

⁃ Explore Europe and enjoy the different cultures and cuisines. Live in Europe and work there to experience a different perspective on living styles and values.
⁃ Continue to expand in the beauty industry and one day open my clinic, design and produce my beauty products. 
⁃ Continue to collaborate with designers, artists, and producers.