I am Cheany, a young lady of 24 years old. I am very passionate about fashion, modeling and animals. I am in my final year as veterinary student. My mom owns a beauty salon/Sun Center where I work as a student, besides that I work as a freelance model.

I also have had some bad luck in my life.  Recently I had 2 heart surgeries, but I kept on going to make my dreams come true and to participate in Miss Europe. Fortunately, my health is a lot better now.

My dream is to continue to grow more as a model. 

 What I want to experience, is learning a lot about posing, defiling, and meeting a lot of new people. I hope to discover more about myself, and come out as a more stronger and confident woman.

As advice, I would give my competitors to always be yourself and appreciate each other. I don't like to call them competitors, we need to support each other throughout the week. 

To be well prepared I was watching a lot of videos from the previous shows at home.

I want to be the best in what I do, but I find it important to remain myself during the competition.

I still have a lot of photoshoots planned, because I really want to grow as a professional model. After my model career, I would like to work independently as a veterinarian.