I am almost 28 years old Lithuanian girl. I grew up in a small city named Marijampolė in the South of Lithuania. I finished my Bachelor’s degree as a manager of industrial technologies with specialization in logistics. I had a job in Lithuania but always dreamed about Paris since I have visited it for my first time before.. And dreams always come true!! I moved to Paris (France) almost 3 years ago where I live and work until now.

Currently I am a babysitter. I work with kids which brings so much experience of patient, kindness, care for improve my personality and life skills. It helps to build me as a human first. But as a most of girls, I always dreamed about beauty industry as I love attention, am interested in fashion, beauty and healthy lifestyle. I think it’s my role in life which truly drives me and makes me satisfied.

It’s an amazing opportunity to show your potential you may have. I try to enjoy every single day of my life, to take every chance it gives to me. I am sure we will take out big dose of confidence with ourselves after this project. And also I suppose it’s going to be a first very meaningful step to the big dream. Speaking more global, I would like to introduce Europe and the World with my country - Lithuania. It’s a small country on the coast of the Baltic sea. Many of people still don’t know what is this country and where it is exactly. Which is why, this project may will help me to spread more information about my beautiful country Lithuania.

I love to say - the most beautiful is not that one who has the longest eyelashes or the skinniest legs. The most beautiful is that one who is real, sincere and doesn’t pretend. Which is why my advice would be don’t follow of any beauty standarts somebody may try to assign to you. Be yourself, be real and the only one.

I am not going to scream that I am the best. I wanna spread the idea of pure and sincere individual beauty. I would like to show that beauty is not just long eyelashes. However, every creation is beautiful in its own way.

We live in very unpredictable world which is why I don’t plan my future. You never know what can happen. One thing I really know I am not going to stop trying to take every chance I get. And I would love to try other beauty projects and become more involved in beauty industry as I always dreamed.