My name is Paulina Sokowicz, I'm 29 years old and my homeland is Poland. I found interest in modeling 2 years ago. It's all started with car photoshoot which made me realise I wanna try it myself. Since then, I took part in numerous projects, photoshoots and workshops. Fashion and beauty was always a part of my interest. 

Apart from this, I'm automotive fan which is sometimes involved in my photoshoots. Since last year I'm owning a motorcycle which was fullfilment of my dreams. 

I'm really satisfied with my job but modeling is something that gives me real joy. I would love to perform as a professional model and be a part of huge projects. Recently I had a chance to take part in reality show which was quite challenging but also really exciting and improving my acting skills.

Currently I'm strongly involved into  situation with East and doing my best to help our Ukrainian friends.

I'm open to new experiences so I hope this contest will encourage me even more to follow my dreams, gain new skills and let me meet wonderful people from all around the world. 

Since we're all beautiful I hope we will treat being a part of Miss Europe Continental as a chance to improve ourself and experience great journey into the world of fashion, beauty and modeling. 

Due to this contest, I'm strongly focused on my well-being, both mental and physical. I also started learning Italian recently. 

In near future I'm heading to few model projects but hope the number of them will increase after this experience. I would love to combine this world of fashion and photography with travelling since I always dreamt about international career.