My name is Vanessa Dragicevic. I was born in the South of Germany in a small town called “Lake of Constance”.

I grew up there with my three sisters. My parents expatriated from Yugoslavia before we were born. Thankfully we often visit Croatia, so I keep ties to my ancestral roots. I am very thankful to have been raised within a big family; this taught me early on the values of community and will continue to impact my life. As much I love to be with my family, I also love to be independent, seeing myself as a “courageous spirit”.By the age of 18, I quickly moved out of my small town and my family’s house to a major city in Germany, where I started my professional career in commercial management. Having a good education and purpose allowed me to grow in my career and helped to broaden my perspectives.

I started modelling as soon as I came to the city, and quickly fell in love with it. After working in multiple industries, I came to realise that it is what I was most passionate about. Everyone should do what they truly love, and I found over time that the best approach is to lean in to challenges as these are the situations we learn the most from. This industry continually pushes myself to grow and allows me to live my life to the fullest, realising my potential and dreams. 

’ve always been curious about other cultures and have been drawn to Dubai’s sense of global community. I chose to be brave and make the move to this city which has shown me new avenues, challenges, and opportunities especially for my modelling career.Getting out of my comfort zone has given me the chance to reflect on my values, as well as to envision an exciting future ahead of me. 

The ‘Miss Europe Continental’ contest is a big milestone towards my dreams and representing my country is a great honor, one which I am immensely proud of. I am eager to explore the Italian modelling industry, connect with new people and to experience the beautiful city of Napels. I advise other participants to be themselves and focus on what makes them unique. Whatever the outcome, enjoy the process. 

Everything I’ve been through has led up to this moment. I keep focused on being in the best mental and physical shape, while continuing to enhance my personal and professional skills.

In future I want to grow, progress and continue working in such an creative environment.

My hope is to inspire others to pursue their passion and overcome adversity, while giving back to those who need support and the ones that believed in me. It fills me with joy to be able to give back.