Sure, I study business in Europe and l like reading and traveling as my hobbies. 

Well, I’m still on the way of self-discovery. Every detail matters, as long as we can be very down-to-earth to try our best to get even little goals done, and we’ll see who we can be in the last. 

I wanna get outside of my comfort zone and try new things, thus opening up more possibilities for my life. This experience provides me with a stage to show myself and also enables me to meet colorful crowds.

I hope they could have a moderate yet positive mindset. Girls compete with each other, but women empower each other.

I love fashion since l was a little girl, but l don’t purposely seek for the title. I think what matters is to enjoy the process and to bring beauty to everyone, but also achieve self-growth.

As we all know that China is an ever-increasing huge market in fashion industry, and my participation in this event reflects that China and Italy are highly integrated thus increasing the attentiveness in China, which might could help Italian brands have more market share. And I’d like to be a bridge of friendship between Italy and China, thus promoting bilateral economic and cultural cooperation.