Hi everyone ! I’m Océane and I’m 22 this year.

People consider themselves very creative, and I love all artworks . When I was 14 I started to learn drawing and water colors with a local cultural association « Le Pinceau de Soi » with Isabelle Tourney, a great teacher from French art school. She taught me a lot to start my bachelor in space design. I like traveling and discovering new landscapes, culture and also culinary habits.

I am just finishing my master in Architecture and Scenography in the South of France. I actually do my internship at the Royal Opera of Wallonia in Liège, in Belgium working with various scenographers at the scenic workshops. During my free time I like being also a photo model, contributing with photographers art.

What matters most to me is to succeed in everything I do. And becoming a Miss is, like many others, a girl's dream. I am very proud to represent the Principality of Monaco today. I really thank Emanuela for allowing me to be there and realize one of my dreams ! The next step and dream would be to win such contests and be able to represent fashion and values in a very classy way and keep learning from all the experience this will provide me.

I believe the experience of Miss europe Continental will strengthen my self-confidence and provide me open- mindedness

This contest is like a challenge for me. Proving to others and especially to myself that I am capable of it. I also hope to meet and make contact with a lot of people to which I could bring my motivation and future collaboration.

I would like to tell to my other competitors that it's a great experience and we have already all won to be here. I look forward to meeting and getting to know them, and making new friends. A beautiful adventure is awaiting us !

The secret is to stay myself and to enjoy this moment whatever happens. As a rhythmic gymnastics practitioner and competitor, I remain focused on the work to do , seeking to the perfect move and act.

In my future projects, I would like to do what I really fancy : mixing Scenography for the cinema, living art, special exhibitions and photo modelling, meeting people in the art sector, traveling and benefit from any opportunities coming to me.

I also plan to become the ambassador of my association « Le Pinceau de Soi » which takes actions for children and teenagers in hospitals in Montpellier (South of France) Supporting them by the Drawing and Painting.

This is a very important cause to me. And my experience here will really help me in that new role.

Let’s follow her profile: www.instagram.com/oceane_tes/