Kind heart, fierce mind, brave spirit.

Successful people are not gifted: they just work hard, then succeed on purpose. They might seem clichés yet it’s the most realistic one can say to introduce Myriam, our Miss Cyprus, a beautiful, dynamic, smart, ambitious, selfless woman, about whom there is still so much to tell.

Myriam Gerocosta will represent Cyprus at the World edition of Miss Europe Continental 2022. Enjoy her first interview for Miss Europe Continental.

Hello everyone. My name is Myriam Gerocosta and I am 29 years old. I am from Brazil but I was born and raised in Cyprus.

My passion since childhood was fashion and modeling. The fashion industry attracted me from the age of 16 and I have been working as a professional model ever since. In addition, I work as a modeling teacher and digital influencer. Furthermore, I manage and coordinate modeling schools in Cyprus and my own clothes’ company.

In the past I have participated in many fashion shows of famous designers in Cyprus and Greece. I have also participated in many charity events during my modeling career, which I still do as a Manager of the modeling school organizing many charity shows, events, photo shoots mainly in support of children's health diseases.

Except fashion, I am passionate about fitness and healthy lifestyle. I enjoy learning new things, developing myself and becoming a better person through different life experiences. I am an independent woman and I fight for my dreams.

My participation in this competition will give me the opportunity to meet new people, new cultures and also to have another life experience”.

Photo Credits
Dress: Anna Dorothea - Maison Anna Dorothea 
Make up artist : Ilona Garamvolgyi
Hair:  Sofia Mavrodonti 
Jewelry’s: Natc Boutique 
Photographer: Olesia Ghohabi 
Place: Radisson Blue Hotel Cyprus