Hello world of fashion and fashion lovers.

My name is Andjela Vitanova , I live and work in a small and beautiful country ,R. North Macedonia. 

I am a vascular surgeon and since I can remember I am in love with fashion and beauty. As far I can remember I was connected to surgery in many ways as well as the world of beauty. Things never came easy for me so everything I am is won in a heart felt battles. 

My motto is doing even a small step is still moving in the wanted direction. In a world of chauvinism fighting for women empowerment is a pursue that I thrive to achieve.

My decision of stepping on the magnificent stage of Miss Europe Continentals is to try to show that even on the darkest of paths one woman can endure anything and if I can spread that message and inspire others to fight for themselves my heart will be full of joy. 

The contest is a great way to meet women with same mindset from different backgrounds and countries to start a bond that some day can change the world, we are all different but still all the same.

Living in a very conservative society led me to believe that beautiful women are thought not to be smart so I want to show the world the contrary , strong woman is a mixture of everything a woman can be , beauty , soul and brains. I teach a lot of students and helped a lot of people , in the years I have worked as a doctor I have managed to still stand strong to the critiques and always be fashionable and unique.

Being a unicorn in a world of track horses is a full time job. 

My plans for the future are to obtain education in the medical field and start a fitness app to help people with serious medical problems. One day I hope I can win the Nobel prize for Medicine but I promise, even then I will still be fashionable and stylish woman. 

A life can be crowned if all the things combined in a person are inspiring.

One lady can not change the world alone , but a few can make the world go round.