My name is Diana. I am 25 years old. I was born and grew up in Uzhhorod. I decided to try myself in the modeling field in 2020 and I decided to start from the Miss Europe Continental. I enjoy nature and animals, I also like creativity and music, they inspire me and make better our world.

 I have two main areas of activity. I am an interior designer and a manicure master. I plan to further develop myself as a designer and expand the scope of my activities. I have a lot of wishes, but now, of course, the main thing is for everyone to be healthy and happy.

This experience is like a new achievement for me, like another open door to something new and an opportunity to realize myself where I did not expect. I want to go everywhere and try everything in my life. Miss Europe Continental is a part of this.

I definitely wish good luck to other competitors and I want participation in the competition to bring to everyone only joy. I can advise only one thing - enjoy what you live today.

 Little by little I prepare for the arrival, collect my things, put myself and my thoughts in order. The main thing is to gather morally for me, don’t think about the current difficulties and devote myself for some time Miss Europe Continental.

 As I said earlier, I plan to develop myself as a designer in the future and as I become more successful I would like to help animals on our planet as much as possible. I want to make sure that every animal has its own home and is loved in it.