Hello.  I am from Ukraine, where I had a happy life, my family, business, friends, parents.

 My city Izyum, which today is under rocket fire and completely destroyed.  Destroyed Everything that we and our great-grandfathers built over the years.  My son and I had to drop everything and leave.  Now I am learning to live again.  This competition is the first step towards Hope, towards opportunities and New Achievements.

 I have a noble profession - a teacher.  I chose this path in my youth, because I love children very much.  Now my goal is to realize my strengths.

 I want to open a cozy, flower shop.  This is a feminine, beautiful, creative direction.  When I return to Ukraine, I will help people.  I know my compatriots are pouring now

I enjoy challenging myself and discovering new frontiers.  This is a great opportunity to realize your ambitions, overcome fear, work on yourself and reach the level of new aspirations.

What you believe in becomes your world!  Do not deny the gifts of fate.  They exist .  And while we believe in miracles, they happen to us.

Now work is more focused on the emotional state.  This is psychological preparation.  Now it is not morally easy, but I believe in myself and in my strength.  And with my measurements I want to show that under any circumstances, you need to believe in yourself and continue to move towards your goals!

After the victory, I want to attract more attention, more women, to open a support center for us.

After all, now our women, leaving their homes, leaving their husbands in need of care and help.