My name is Berenika Laciková, I was born in Slovakia and I also live here. I’m 18 years old, I love to do modeling,  it’s my passion. I am always optimistic and I am purposeful. My hobbies are the same things that I would like to have as a job so it’s modeling and acting. Since I was a little girl I always dreamed of attending some beauty contest and becoming a model, now it’s here and the feeling of my dreams becoming reality is amazing

Currently I’m studying in high school and I am working on my career, my dreams are to become an actress and to grow my modeling career, I would like to travel the world and have my own business, I want to be successful in life and be proud of myself and what I have done in my life, but what is the most important to me is to be healthy and happy 

From this experience I expect new contacts, new friends, new experiences, great memories and maybe growth in my career

Be yourself, and even though only one girl will win don’t let that make you feel that you are not beautiful enough or good enough because it’s not true and don’t let that ruin your dreams and goals and go after them anyways because maybe this time it didn’t workout next time it will

I wanna be myself because I want people to like me because of who I really am, I am trying to be always positive and full of good energy

My plan for the future is doing my best to fulfill my dreams and goals.