My name is Ida and im from Norway. I have always loved fashion and to be both behind and front of the camera. I like to use my voice and be open and honest person. Being yourself and stick out of the crowd, show that its ok to be you no matter who you are is a good thing.

I am educated as interior consultant, hairdresser and have many years as insurance adviser behind me. I have always liked to try many things in my life and reach for new goals. I love nature and being outdoors so its perfect that im representing Scandinavia! Right now im into yachting industry as I love the ocean, to work hard, long days, travel and explore the world. 

From this contest I hope to show that every woman are strong and powerful. That everyone can do what they want with confidence. I hope that I will reach far and that it can be a good start on my model career. What I do to prepare for this show is that I plan everything from the beginning till the end. I think of every detail so I will be prepared mentally and physically. 

I wish all the other girls good luck and my advice is; Follow your dream and not the stream.