1. Tell me a little about yourself and your story. 

So there's not much to say about me. I was born in Paris, France and came to Portugal as a child. I can say that I had a happy childhood, I had the opportunity to be a real child, play, laugh, cry... When I was 9 years old, my father had a car accident, in which he remains in a wheelchair to this day. Those were very difficult times for me as a child and it's still hard to see him like that today. But, he's here with me, and I'm so grateful for that. It helped me to be the strong and strong woman I am today. I loved going to school, being with friends, studying... Riding a motorcycle and reading are my favorite hobbies. At this stage of my life I work and orient myself  Louis Vuitton is my place of work and I love being there.

2. What do you do in life and what are your dreams?

These days I work at Louis Vuitton as an artisan and I like what I do. As for my dreams... there are many. I've always dreamed of participating in the Miss Europe Continental contest and luckily I'm on the verge of realizing that dream. I'm very grateful for that. And if it's to talk about dreams, one of my biggest dreams is to travel the world, see and learn many new things and walk on big catwalks.

3. What do you expect from this experience? 

For me this experience is very special. I've dreamed of this for a long time. I hope to meet many people each in their own way, learn new things, and be very happy these days. Have a lot of fun, and have lots of opportunities.

 4. What advice would you give other competitors?

That hope is the last to die. And that life is just one, so go to the contest, believe and be happy 

 5. How are you preparing to face it in the best way?

I think the best way to face anything is to be happy, not be afraid and always have a smile on your face, so that's what I do 

6. Tell us about your upcoming projects 

At the moment my best project is to go to the Miss Europe Continental contest, because I dream about this for a long time. But I have several other projects, like traveling a lot to get to know new cultures and having my own home. And I think we always have to look to the future in a big way, because things always start with dreaming.