My name is Karoline Rouwenhorst Petterson, I'm 21 years old and grew up in a small community in the northern part of Norway. I grew up with my mother, father, little sister and around a dusin animals. My closest neighbors were the mountains, the ocean, the midnight sun and the northern lights, so I grew up learning to respect and love the nature and wildlife around me. In school I was never the smartest or most popular kid, but I had my small group of friends and had reasonable good grades. I struggled with anxiety in my late teens and needed to work alot with myself to build up my confidence, it got better when I moved to the other side of the country to study. My parents, aunts and friends always said that I should start modeling and when I moved I finally had the opportunity. I started acting in movies, series and commercials as well as modeling for hairdressers and brands. I realized that I am beautiful in my own way and do not need to put myself down. I started building up my Instagram and share parts of my life that I never could've imagined a few years ago. I still have problems with anxiety but when I'm in front of the camera or on stage, I'm a completely different person. I never could've gotten to this point if my life if I hadn't pushed myself out of the comfort zone, if I didn't have my parents, if I didn't have my sister, if I didn't have my best friend or if I didn't have my boyfriend. I would never be where I am today if it wasn't for them. 

I'm currently a student at the University of South-Eastern Norway where I'm now finishing my degree in nursing. I've always had a great interest in the nature and taking care of the oceans and forests and the animals that live there. My dreams consists of making a platform where I can help sustain and make our environment better, at the same time as making the world a safe place for all animals and the generations that will take place after us. We cannot live the same way as we do now and hope that things work out by themselves, we need to make changes and we need to do it now, if not both people and animals all across the world will pay the price, which we can't afford.

From this experience I expect to reach out to as many people as possible and make myself a platform to make a change in this world. I'm also looking forward to meeting alot of new people who are in the same position as me. I know that this experience will help me grow as a person and ofcourse I'm hoping I have a chance to take the crown home to Norway.

My advice for the other competitors will be that although this is a beauty competition, this does not define you. All of you are beautiful both on the outside and inside, there is a reason that exactly you were chosen to represent your country, make them proud. 

My preparation includes to empower my confidence and take care of my body like I normally do. I believe that if my chances of winning would be highest if I'm the person I normally am and doesn't make any changes.

In m future projects I will try my best to make it as a model and actress. I want to grow my platform and do alot of work to help the planet and everyone who lives on it. I'm going to start to work as a nurse in the fall and work alot on the side doing what I truly love.