My name is Kamolrat Suwannawoong. I am 23 years old. I am a Thai girl who lives in Belgium. I won 2 times from 2 different  competitions.

I study pharmacy assistent. I do photoshoots and catwalks sometimes. My hobby is fitness. About my draems, i want tob e a real model who works with a lot of big brands.

If i win this, it would be nice and i am going tob e pround of myself but if i don 't win this, i wouldn 't  regret it and still going to be pround of myself. I just really like to do this because i learn a lot of things.

Just be yourself and enjoy every moment. Pay attentions to every step you make because you can learn so many things from this.

What i've done and still be doing is fitness because i want to keep my body in shape, to look good on stage, camera 's.,... I tell myself just to enjoy with what i do. I do what i like, so if i like to do something and i enjoy it, the result will be fine.

I want to keep doing competitions, photoshoots, catwalks,... to get more and more experiences. After this i will try a competitions in Thailand.