My name is Monta and I am from Riga, Latvia. I am a cosmetologist so I work with beautiful women every day and I help them to embrace their beauty. In my childhood I always wanted to work in the modeling field, but in my teens I started struggling with bad acne. I was feeling very unconfident about my looks. Finally I am at a stage in my life when I feel confident and ready to challenge myself in the modeling field.

I enjoy traveling a lot, that’s what makes me happy and fulfilled so my dream is to travel all over the world and explore as much as possible. From a career perspective I want to open my own company and try out myself in the modeling field.

At Miss Europe Continental I hope to meet new people, improve my modeling skills and broaden my horizons. I have heard great things about this contest. And since I am just starting my modeling career I can’t wait to learn from more experienced people. 

 I wish every participant all the best and I wish for girls to perceive this not as a competition but as a celebration of beauty and to take the best out of it all.

It's very important to remain calm during this time. Physical activities in the gym, snowboarding or recharging while dancing helps me to relax and maintain my well-being. As well as little help from personality development courses is helping to crisp me up and to stay positive always.

A few of my future projects include modeling. I’m excited about the prospect of working with teams abroad, this will be a great year full of new projects and opportunities.

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