I was a curious girl who likes drawing pictures, singing songs, acting, dancing, watching something of grandfathers making, playing in the forest.

My grandmother is a person who have good old Japanese spirituality and enjoying everyday. My generation tends to prefer modern things, but I have the essence. 

I started playing tennis under the influence of my father when I was 10 years old. I really interested in, so continued for 13 years.

I noticed the size of the world by going on to high school college and university cource. And I had a subject at one class which I need to chose one country and do presentation. I Intuitively deside Vatican. So from that time on, I feel the connection to come to Italy.

When I was University a student, I pursue " the richness of human essence". So I went to volunteer to developing countries and study international economics and modern psychology.

As a result, I learned how important "richness of mind" is, and believe that the world is made up of a group of families, and the woman of the sun at home is lively as it is leading to peaceful world.

I interested in appearance which can momentarily moved human's heart.

At first, I was studying as a stylist while working as a salesperson of high bland at the department.

At that time, I saw a lot of collection and then I impressed by its beauty, I eventually wanted to be the creator of this beauty.

One day, I broke my body and was introduced detox by a friend which was still rare at the time.

 Not only did my feel better but also I was happier and my appearance changed drastically. And my parents' illness improved, so I switched an inner beauty / healthcare business.

"BEAUTY" is my life purpose.

I have always pursued the essential richness of the mind, and after the necessary experience, I am here now.

 Next, I will challenge the model overseas to stand on the side of creating beauty that I have not tried yet.

This experience is a great courage and a first step for me.

 It took courage to decide to challenge World contest and Italia far away from Japan alone.

 I hope someone's courage will come through this my action.

 Also, I will convey the spirituality of Japan to world as Miss Japan.

I love people!  I also love listening to the background and laughing playfully!  I am looking forward to getting to know beautiful women has both physically and mentally from all over the world.

I think " Heart is all ".

So of cource walking but I took a lot of time to face my heart. 

Acting as a model in Italy and the world.  Leave beautiful works for posterity. I become a person who is impressed by beauty.

And I will pave the way for my according to the edge and timing at that time.