Well, I am Natalia, I have been in the world of fashion since I was 14 years old, and it is a world that I am passionate about, in which I feel free, where I feel better and where I can show my best self.

Right now I work as a waitress, and on weekends I dedicate myself to the world of fashion, either walking the catwalk or in front of a camera.  I have studied flight attendant, which is another world that I am passionate about since I met him while also involved in the world of fashion, my dream is to be able to reach the highest possible level in either of the two sectors, but especially in the world of fashion and today I am fighting to fulfill that dream and I hope to fulfill it.

I hope to take this experience as far as possible, when it was offered to me, do not hesitate to say no, since it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and whatever happens, I know that this experience will bring me very positive things. and a huge learning.

I to my competitors, although I like to call them better, compaƱeras, I advise you to be as real as possible, because it is a very important point, also to be as natural as possible, since that says a lot about a person, especially nothing competitive , since each one has to shine for their essence and a good camaraderie that in the end is reflected a lot in the person and Iara mi is one of the most important points.

I am preparing myself in every way, physically but above all mentally, because in the end it is what is reflected, with a good attitude and going for it all, without stepping on anyone and feeling myself at all times.

My projects today are all based on the world of fashion, although as I mentioned before another of them is a flight attendant, but right now I am focused on fashion and the truth is that I have very high expectations since I am going to try to go as far as possible and I am not going to give up at any time to fight for my dream, which is to be a model.