Hi, I’m Miss Geli Kamaci from Germany and I feel so delighted being selected running the show for the Miss Europe Continental Beautycontest 2022! I’m born and raised in Frankfurt and lived all over the world like in Istanbul, Shanghai and Los Angeles! I love Ballett and Figur skating on ice. I’m a professional photo and runway model, actress and will publish my first book about little model stories from China to Hollywood soon. I’m very excited!

I love fashion, shootings and modelshows. I take action towards my dreams and my new aim is winning the crown to gather the beauties of the international world for MEC. I think you have to do what you love and love what to do. Qualitytime is for me a healthy lifestyle like sunning at the beach in Malibu, Art & Travelling or the support of young talents. For sure my family is a big part in it as well.

Travelling is the best thing to learn. The diversity of culture as same as being united in our differences is so stunning. I’m really anxious about the final and longtime work we could team up for the future.

Looking forward and powering up to see the big picture. Being lovely and kind - focus on work and showing your nice character because beautyness comes from the real inside as well as a pretty and adorable look. Diversity is a major thing

Sport, healthy food, a lot of water and beauty product which emphasize the complexion.

Next to my first book I will puplish a new fashion collection for models and I’m booked for further projects in Toronto and Hollywood. Charity because of the actual situation in the Ukraine I support as well.