My name is Kelly, I am 23 years old and I speak French but I'm coming from Belgium

In my family we are 6 of us.

My hobbies are dance and modern fashion because I think that is really an opportunity for a woman to be and to show she 's really a woman.

I started to participate as Miss in contests in july 2016 in a small village called "Cognebeau"

Step by step I had the chance, during those contests, to meet a lot of people and share a lot of experience with them (culture, ...) and I am very proud of it. That changed really my life and the concept I had about it

I am a nursery child in "Delta" hospital in Brussels

I would like to develop myself in this activity because I would like to work with children and to be a part of their life and development.

I would like also to have the opportunity to travel in different parts of the world to meet a lot of people and to share their cutlure.

Personaly, those contests are a wonderful opportunity to meet other women from different countries and culture who shared the same basicly goals than I do.

I would like to tell them to be themselves and proud to be a woman and to give the best they can.

To be a "miss" is not really the goal but an opportunity to be representative to give to the world a better life.

That's happen, most of the time, not so often in a life.

First of all, I want to show to all, during this contest, who I am really,

I want to show that a woman is not only a body but a complete person.

I want also to show that for me, this contest is not just only a contest but also a wonderful opportunity to meet people and to have another experience of life.

Later in my life, I would like to have the opportunity to travel a lot not only to travel but first of all to meet a lot of people and to share their life and their culture.

I would like also to continue to care of babies and to give them all my best.

Last but not least, I would like to continue to share good moments with my friends and my family and of course create my own family.