I come from island called Muhu in Estonia. Place where i got my most strongest feelings and connections with nature, animals and my pure self . Place where i started to notice who i really am and who i want to become. I remember those days when i used to organize fashion shows in our living room. We wore all the clothes what we found in our closets. And made an home videos also. It's funny to see those but at the same time it makes my heart pumping because knowing that i am not this child anymore and now my dream is becoming real. 

I am creator, creator of my life. And i think that we all should do things what we love the most. So in my everyday life i do the same- i do what i love the most. And these things are-  modelling, spiritual and mental health learnings to becoming my highest self , empowering people to be more than fears and to things what they really want. I like to say- I don't work. I do my hobbies. 

One of my missions is to help women to connect with their body and soul. To shine inside out. To becoming a loving and at the same time strong queens, who can make her own and her loved ones lives beautiful . 

I know that every opportunity led you to becoming wiser and so experiences makes us more experienced. I know deep down in myself that i will get something very important to my self growing point. So i can be more wiser and go on in my path .  I hope that everything is going to be great as promised and we all who will be in this competition can go back home with happy faces and thankful hearts. It would be nice if i'll meet some cool people with who to connect after the competition and to do some exiting collaboration. See the world and have fun with doing things what i love. 

Advice- To get maximum off the opportunity you have to let go off your fears. Just relax and enjoy the beauty off the moment. Everything will be okay . 

Mindset- mindset is everything and that's quite all. I live my life as i live in everyday- living healthy lifestyle and doing my hobbies. Enjoying my life and waiting this moment with excitment. 

My life as been in total transformation about two years almost and i feel that now i am on my right path . But it is too early to say what i am gonna do exactly in the future. All we have is now and being in the present is the most important thing in this point.  I like to express myself through modelling and body art. To give people healing with my powered pictures. And let's se where this all is going to.