I am a nurse and I am currently attending vocational school, which I will finish this summer. After that I will go to high school for adults, which is the bridge to this school and the university where I want to study. My goal of study is psychology. The way we humans think, the deeper understanding of how our society works, and the neurobiological facts fascinate me a lot.

But I also have an adventurous side to my personality: I enjoy working as an international model, starring in music videos, and working for clothing brands.

Modeling is one of my childhood dreams that I have been striving for since I was a little kid. I am happy to say that I have realized this dream. However, I am working on expanding this activity to other areas of modeling. One of my other dreams is to be in movies. I am very concerned that this goal will take a lot of time and that the road to get there will not be without obstacles, but I am ready to go. 

Ambition, perseverance and perfectionism are the qualities that make me as a person.


My Advice for this journey may also be that even you might be a beginner and doubtful about your performance. Even when bad beliefs about other’s come along, when you compare yourself with other’s or when bad belief’s about the world come along because we think that the world has to be fair. We have to remind ourselves not only in addition to this continental but in general. Comparing ourselves with others lead to unhealthy beliefs about others. We think that we or they are better than us. With a positive attitude, we can overcome such misconceptions.

I have received a clothing checklist from our officials that lists everything we need for the competition. We have also received a model plan that explains the whole process of the show. Reading this document is one of the first preparations I made. 

Another way to prepare is to look at previous Continental competitions. In my opinion, you can learn a lot from the previous competitors and you also get very good insight into this competition.

I see this competition as an enrichment of my modeling career and I think that I will gain and take away valuable experience in this competition, which will surely accompany me in future projects.