I am a girl from a little town in Dominican Republic who emigrated to Europe several years ago, making the greatest sacrifice of my life, which was leaving my little son. During the first years I worked hard to be able to reunite with him and once I have achieved this, I have continued to forge my path in this beautiful continent and helping my family

I have gone through many jobs that have dignified my life, I have been a nanny, a housewife, a bartender, a concierge and currently I am a waitress! I have always done all this without leaving my dreams aside, which is to be a professional model, the few hours a day outside of my job I have invested in beauty, catwalk, makeup courses, always preparing myself for an opportunity in the future

From this experience I hope to continue learning about the world of modeling, I hope to learn through the other contestants the history, traditions and strengths of each country they represent, to continue expanding my knowledge of this beautiful continent.

The advice that I could give to my colleagues is that they enjoy this experience, sometimes we only focus on reaching the goal without admiring the path that can bring more teachings and opportunity than the final reward! we came to put our country on high but we also came to learn and respect other cultures, we came to exalt feminine beauty and above all her capacity and mental strength

As calm and serenity are fundamental aspects when it comes to large projects like this contest, I have decided to work on my spirituality so that I can bring the best energy to everyone around me, especially in times of difficult situations such as armed conflicts that they fight in the east, that part for me is more difficult to improve than any physical aspect

My future projects consist of continuing to work hard to open up an opportunity in the world of beauty without forgetting where I come from and what my main goal is: uphold the value of working women!