Hey there! I’m Jenifer and I’m an actress and model. When I was 4 years old, my mum enrolled me in a Model Agency and I enjoyed posing. Not that I recall too much, but I do know from the photos my mum keep from that time.

We moved to Valencia, Spain, when I was five, and I’ve lived there ever since. Some years later, I decided I would be an actress, so I focused my studies to follow that path. I learned singing and dancing as well. For me, all of them are about expressing emotions, about bringing joy to other people.

Meanwhile, I also studied photography, which allowed me to see cinema and shoots from a different perspective, the “behind the lens” view. I’m so glad I learned about it.

Nowadays, I handle three works: acting, modeling and photography. I am passionate about them all, but I dream of working full-time as an actress and model someday. I guess I’d rather be in front of the camera than behind it! 

It’s an overwhelming experience to be given the chance to participate in Miss Europe Continental. I’ve dreamed of walking on such a prestigious stage since I was a child, and traveling to Naples to fulfill this dream is an incredible opportunity, I can’t wait for the day to arrive!

This experience will let me make wonderful friends and acquaintances and I’ll be able to grow my career using the knowledge I gain, it’s something to be really grateful for. 

Having believed in ourselves, in our dreams and gotten this far, I just can say “We’re all queens”. We are beautiful, powerful and brave women who are not afraid of pursuing our goals. So don’t get stressed, cry or push yourself too hard. Come to Naples with a huge smile and calmness in your heart. Be proud of yourself.

I’m preparing mentally and physically to give my best. I didn’t change too much about my fitness routine or diet, as I like to have a healthy lifestyle every day, no matter what. But I’ve been practicing English and Italian because I don’t want languages to be a barrier to all the wonderful people I’m going to meet. 

I am looking forward to the Miss Europe Continental Final, which will have a great impact on my career as an aspiring model. 

As an actress, not too long ago I starred in a new fiction TV series, which is currently in distribution in Miami, and I can’t wait till it is released, success and I can begin filming the second season. “Dream big!”

However, I keep auditioning for other TV shows, commercials and theater. I’d like to act in some musicals as well. 

You can check my works in my website: jennkhpower.com and instagram @jennkhpower

The artist life is a long journey but it makes me happy to follow my dreams. Remember “a dream is a wish no one can see but you” so don’t let others’ opinions affect you.