My Name is Nadia Dolce,

I’m a singer songwriter, influencer, model and entrepreneur. I’ve been a performing artist since I can remember but I'm so much more than a diva with big dreams and a positive outlook. I'm a success and digital marketing coach. Founder of Women Empower Network and lover of all things beauty & lifestyle, fur mom and latte addict. Living with passion is my motto! Digital Marketing & helping women feel confident is kinda my thing! I've created multiple courses, planners and ebooks (Influencer Jumpstart, Goal Setting, Positive Mindset). I'm ready to share my passion with other aspiring creatives and entrepreneurs.

I love to see women thrive and pursue their dreams. In 2021, I founded, Women Empower Network, where I get to meet tons of amazing women from around the world.  Giving a voice to deserving women from all industries and backgrounds means so much to me! If standing on the Miss Europe Continental stage helps or inspires even just one woman in any way, that’s enough for me!

I’m looking forward to meeting with beautiful and inspiring women from around the world and getting the opportunity to take the stage and represent women not just a symbol of beauty but rather a symbol of power.

When you walk onto the stage, own your beautiful, inside and out. Beauty is more than the physical, it is what a women exudes, her confidence and personality. BE YOU!

I’m going in with a positive mindset while remaining authentic and true to myself. It will be impossible to say I’m here to compete with such beautiful strong women but I’m hoping my inner beauty will shine through.

Giving back to the community is truly important to me with plans to spread awareness for positive mental health and women empowerment along with plans to release upcoming music and continue to attend speaking engagements.

One of my biggest dreams is to be nominated for a Grammy and perform on the stage at San Remo Festival in Italy. 

I want to be a role model for women everywhere of all ages, backgrounds, shapes and sizes to inspire.  Empower them to pursue their passions and dreams.

My mission to use my voice, story and music to reflect positive change in the world.