Hi, I am Lorena Oliveira, 23 years old, a sparkling native Brazilian girl based in Italy. I moved to this beautiful country as I was fascinated about the culture and the sound of the spoken Italian language. It has been almost 7 years and I wouldn't have been here without my family, who is my biggest support. I am a very positive and motivated person who is willing to follow her dreams.

Currently, I am working in a software company as a secretary.

My biggest dream is to become a professional top model as I love everything about the fashion industry. My hobbies are catwalks, make-up and photography.

I am expecting a great opportunity to show myself and my personality within the competition and moreover as a great life experience, regardless of the results. 

In Brazil, we grow up with the mentality of being our true selves, we don't have the pressure of wanting to be something or to be someone else. My parents have always motivated me to be free and follow my dreams, remaining grounded to who I am, without comparing myself to anybody else, being unique. Therefore my advice to the other finalists is to be themselves and just have fun. 

I am just strongly focused on my well-being, both mental and physical. 

One of my plans for the future is to achieve a high level of visibility throughout my work as a model with a touch of Brazilian soul everywhere I go. I would love to help charities in my native country for the people in need (specifically from the favelas) to support them in a way to create a better future and perhaps help them to realize their dreams.

Thank you,
Lorena Oliveira 🇧🇷