Today let’s meet our beautiful miss from Azerbaijan.

‘’Hello to everyone , my name is Elvira, I am 32 years and I am from Azerbaijan. My family and I lived in Azerbaijan for the first several years of my life after which we moved to Russia. Since childhood I have been active in arts, and science as well.

I am a graduate of the Children Art school, I speak in Russian, Spanish, and English. I have a professional background as a technologist and industrial designer working as the Chief Technologist for a company that developed cases for wearable devices. I worked for this firm for 5 years building my experience with design engineering, inventing mechanisms, and making drawings for patents. I have always had a passion for fashion and with my experience in industrial design I decided to follow my passion for creativity and build my unique fashion brand where I could incorporate industrial techniques within the clothes I designed. Moreover, I have been sewing since childhood and I always liked to invent and create clothes. I currently manage and operate my own design brand.

My main dream is to wake up one day in an ideal world, where humanity takes care of nature, respects life in any of its manifestations. I personally attempt to do my part to realize this dream by being environmentally conscious and practicing veganism. I envision a planet where there is no garbage, forests bloom and clean rivers and seas are filled with marine life.

I dream of a world where everyone can communicate easily with one another, and we have a universal currency that allows us all to work and collaborate together. I dream of a world where there are no wars for resources and all investments are aimed at finding environmentally friendly ways to generate energy and dispose of waste. I imagine a world where all borders are open, success comes from opportunity, talent, and hard work.

I expect an amazing experience from learning about all the other amazing participants, organizers, and supporters of this great pageant.

I would like to wish all participants to refer to the competition with anticipation of an unique experience

I'm focusing on having positive emotions by thinking of how I will do my best to demonstrate all of my unique qualities and am looking forward to making long lasting new friendships through this process.

I want to build a clothing brand that matches my wardrobe vision. I love functional designs that can be modified in many ways and change them to suit your mood and situation.’’

Here in these photos you can see all her beauty.

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