I lived a difficult childhood, because I grew up first of all in a wealthy environment and following the divorce of my parents, I had to face the difficulties of life.  My mother caused everyone a lot of grief and she now lives in Lisbon.  Fortunately, my father grew his company and was able to offer me and my sisters a better life.  I love him with all my heart, without him I wouldn't be the same woman.  Then, towards my beginnings as an adult, I had the chance to travel to Australia for 2 years.  I was able to learn English and having wonderful experiences there. This trip taught me a lot about life and moreover moves me a lot when I talk about it.  Between my 21 and 25 years, I changed a lot mentally, but also physically.  Indeed, I lost 13 kg and I made incredible results in fitness. I am very proud of it, because it takes a lot of perseverance to achieve this goal. 

Today fitness is part of my daily life.  It became a passion and I was also able to study therapeutic nutrition and was able to graduate in 2021. I sometimes do extra work as a sports coach and nutritionist.

I work at the family business of high Jewellery as a commercial assistant, I take care of all the administrative tasks of the company.  Of course, it's not just that, it's my duty to be flexible and self-taught for all other tasks that I would be given to do.  The part that I particularly like is the contact with the customers and also the chance to be able to see extraordinary pieces on a daily basis.  It's a job that requires a lot of concentration, professionalism, but also a lot of humanism. 

My dream is to be a professional model and earn money from that. The competition of Miss, is also something I love hardly. Becoming a Miss would never be a job for me. It will be a passion to do it everyday and be an example for women. I truly think, I have something nice to bring to it. 

In the future, I imagine myself living in Thailand, doing models job.

 First, I hope it will help me to pursue the dreams I mentioned above and also have once again a wonderful human experience that will forever be etched in my mind.  I would also be very happy to be able to join the competition team.  I know I’m not living in Italy, but traveling is something I particularly like to do and so, I wouldn't mind going back and forth at all.

I sincerely advice to other competitors to not take things so seriously.  Because I know defeat and taking a competition so seriously can hurt us.  We must not question our personality or our physique if we have not been chosen.  We are all special in our own way.  

It is above all, a human and enriching experience.  You have to be natural and enjoy every moment, because time flies.

 During my daily life, I already represent an important image of my father's company, which is, I remind you, a high jewelry company.  I therefore have to be presentable, social and involved on a daily basis, because the clientele can come at any time.  In addition, at certain times of the year, we are invited to go to important events, such as this week we have the "Watch and wonders event".  But, we may also get invitations to famous Formula races or other events of this kind around the world. 

So the social and human part, is just totally natural and coming from my sharful personality.

For the show part, I regularly take care of myself and wear high shoes almost everyday. However, I try something to look myself to the mirror and train to walk for the show. 

I m also learning more and more about Australia Story, which it was already something I was feeling concerned, because I love this country and that’s why I accepted to represent it.

I think it’s important to stay natural and not being somoene else. 

for the following years, I would like to spend more time in the social side of work, because I love the human side.  Travelling as much as possible and working in the professional beauty industry.