I was born in Sweden in the city of Kungsbacka. I grew up with my family, my mom and dad and my three sisters. I'm the second youngest child.

I had a good childhood but I had a hard time at school. School gave me bad self-esteem but I have now learned that all people are different and you can not teach a fish to climb trees. Over time, I have found my ways to get through life that works best for me and focuses on developing my qualities.

If I were to describe three positive things with myself, I would say that I am curious, fearless and positive. 

I work as a hotelreceptionist and as a model which I love but earlier I am educated in musical theater and I would like to develop this interest and become an artist. Besides that I wish to have a healthy and eventful life, have a family and just be happy.

I expect to have a lot of fun, get to know many new wonderful people and grow from the challenge.

Take care of yourself before the final. Eat well, drink water and exercise so that you have energy and feel positive and strong. Do not try to be anyone other than yourself and always be humble towards others. Last but not least, have fun!

I think you'll get a long way on that.

I think confidense are everything and you will get that if you take care of yourself.

Right now I dont have any special project in mind. Im just working everyday to reach my goals and be a helathy and good person to myself and the people I love.