Hello to everyone. Today we meet our beautiful Miss Europe Continental Gibraltar.

She tells us about her:

"My name is Luznell Santander , I’m 30 years old , I’m from Venezuela, I’m graduated from international trade , after my university degree I decided to leave my country to find better opportunities , at the age of 22 I started my modelling career , though that I was able to provide for my family. Then I went to the fashion school in Dubai and Paris to pursue my passions, At the age of 28 I went through the biggest challenge in my life , where I learned how to overcome the pain be grateful and succeed in the worse place ! Today I’m here representing Gibraltar in Miss Europe Continental, standing by myself stronger waiting to realize my dream. 

I’ve been working as fashion model and influence for so many years , currently I’m building my career and business as a fashion designer, and also as a profesional writer, being a writer gives me the power to inspire and educate people through my experiences. I see myself growing as a top model, and an entrepreneur owner of my empire, and through my income I would like to build foundations, and hospitals. I will definitely start with my country which is passing through the biggest crisis ever.

The only thing I expect from myself is to give and serve through this organization so I can encourage other people to realize their dreams .

 To the other competitors I can suggest to believe in themselves ; and to focus on themselves so you can grow and explore the best version of you! We are all beautiful  and lucky to be in this competition. And we all have differents gift and values to offer to the world! Wish you for all the best . 

Im completely committed with my body , I’m working a lot in my diet and exercise routine, I practice about 2hrs runway, turn and poses , and during the day I practice my communication skills , filming myself and speaking in front of the mirror. I’m getting better doing my own makeup and hair so I’ll be able to always be ready!  

My plan for future is to become an entrepreneur building my empire and owning my fashion brand! I want to Published my books and through that I can transform peoples lives! And for my long term goals I want to build wellness club where people can rejuvenated and energize with the help of professional doctors, trainers and therapist, a futuristic and magnificent place where people can enjoy and feel like they are in the heaven. "

Here in these photos we can see her stunning beauty. 

Let's follow her profile: instagram.com/luznellsan