My name is Lisandra Alves Franciskievicz, I am 19 years old, I am the daughter of small farmers who work with family farming, I live with my parents and my younger sister, my family is my world, I live in a settlement called Jonas Pinheiro, better known as “poranga”, in the countryside of a city called Sorriso in Mato Grosso, Brazil, I always dreamed of being a model and a doctor, and I believe that I will be able to conquer it, I am a person who always try to help others as I can, I am humble and nice, well I always keep moving doing many things, in search of knowledge, to evolve, I've already taken ballet, jazz, theater classes, I've been a basketball player, in my city I participated in a contest in which I took the title of Godmother of Exporriso, then I became Miss Teen Sorriso, Miss Model Teen Mato Grosso, Miss Model Teen Brasil Fitness, and currently I am Miss Europe Continental Brazil.

Currently I am a student of the biomedicine course, I work as a receptionist at a school, I take an English course, and I do a gym.  My biggest dreams are to be a model with an international career and to be a doctor in the field of pediatrics, and I always want to help as many people as I can, empathy is very important.

 - I hope to learn a lot from different cultures from different countries, I hope to evolve a lot and I hope that this will be an opportunity that will open many doors for me in the world of fashion and the catwalks.

 - To never give up on your dreams, it doesn't matter if it seems impossible, it's possible, everything is possible, just believe, and run after them until you achieve, this is a unique opportunity, you were chosen among so many beautiful women, it's already an achievement to be able represent your country in an international contest, even if you don't take the main title, you are already a winner.

 - I'm preparing myself in the best way possible, preparing myself both physically and emotionally, training on the catwalk, oratory, reading, watching contests, observing old misses, getting as much knowledge and learning as I can, to represent my country very well, because a miss is representativeness, taking the name of your country and my city, its culture and customs to another place, I am very excited about the contest, and with very high expectations, I will fight a lot, do my best.

 - I think out loud, I make many plans and projects for the future, among them being able to become an international model, and being able to encourage and help other girls to fight and conquer their dreams, enter the college of my dreams which is medicine and become pediatrician, to be able to help my family and repay everything my parents did for me.