1) Hello Miss Pantelina, this year you will participate in Miss Europe Continental, why did you decide to take a part? 

Hello Nadia, thanks for this opportunity. I explain modelling has always been a passion for me. 

I love everything that has to do with styling, photo shootings and social media content.  When I was 4 years old, I went to a modelling agency where I started my baby steps in the industry. I have done several fashion shows, photo shootings and have also participated in a few pageants as a kid, when in 2002 I got the title of Star Cyprus Kid. 

As I was growing up, I decided that I wanted to focus more on my dancing career, as I started taking my ballet classes since the age of 2 years, so I knew that I wanted to follow this path. As a dancer though, I have had and I still do lots of photoshoots for my personal portfolio, but I also do several advertisings on social media for clothing brands, beauty products etc. And now this competition came out of the blue, so I thought that things come to you for some reason. That's why I told myself I should grab this one in a lifetime chance. I though this is my time to show people that modelling hasn't got to do with stereotypes anymore. Your personality is your strongest weapon and always remember: "beauty comes from within". 

I am always aiming for the best. I'm one of those people who will never quit and never stop growing. When I achieve one goal then I set another one. I want to be successful in everything that I do, and I hope that one day I will be lucky enough to be combining all my passions together. This will be a life dream. Dancing, modelling, fashion blogging, styling etc. As an artist I’m always perfectionist and creative, so if I ever decide to do something, I’ll do it with the 1000% of me. 

Personally, I wouldn't say I’m too far from achieving my goal. I have created a strong dancing career which I’m always developing and trying to improve myself day by day, and with this chance given to me to participate at the Miss Europe Continental 2022, I believe I'm one step closer to my life goal.

2) What are you hoping for from this contest?

This opportunity was something unexpected and that's what makes it more fascinating. I will try to make the best out of it and gain the more I can from this experience. I want people to get to know me, my passions, my aims, i wish that i will be an inspiration for some girls out there because there is nothing impossible in this life if you want it and work for it.  I strongly believe this contest will offer me more opportunities in the modelling industry, and I’m so ready and excited to live it.