I am a person very dedicated to my goals and the challenges I can reach in my life.  I am also ambitious, competitive and I stand out because of my dedication and discipline. 

I have gone thru many chellenges in my life.  I have always worked hard since the beginning.  Everything I have built was based on perserverence, motivation and responsibility. To convert into someone who is an influencer, to help people who need motivation.

When I was 18 I immagrated to Spain where I have based my life and my work. I come from a small friendly city in Paraguay called Coronel Oviedo. I am currently 25 years old, I have finished my secundary studies and now I am starting Acting college.

Currently I am working as a model for photographs and publicity. My dream is to become the best actress I can be. I love to inspire women so they can see themselves reflected in me. We are all able to reach our dreams.

From this experience I expect to win the pageant, meet people, make friends and to know the industry. I believe that it’s a great opportunity to grow and continue working at what I like. I am developing a new base for my modeling career.  It will also be a beautifel and positive experience.

The advice I would give to my colleagues is that they follow their heart, fight for their dreams, perpare themselves, and learn languages. In this life nothing is impossible while concentrate on our goals and never stop trying.

I am preparing with much dedication, practicing sport, learning English and how to walk on the runway. I am also learning how to speak properly in public, in front of a camera in a professional way.

My future projects are, acting school in October, I have a proposal to do work on television. I am also developing my own swimwear line.