1. My name is Katerina and I am from Russia. I am a professional model, since I was 14 I was doing modelling and it’s really what I like with passion. Also I like sport and I am Master of sport in rhythmic gymnastic. My education is-I finished 2 different Universities: in the first one I was studying International business and in the second one my speciality is psychology and it’s what I am really interested in. I still continuing to study psychology, as in the future I would like to help people in this area. 

2. I professionally do modelling, I work for Fashion TV and travel all over the world. Actually travelling is one of my hugest passion. One of my dreams to travel all over the world, it’s really excites me, to open new places, to learn new cultures, to meet new people. And my biggest dream is to help people and to make this world better, I would love to leave something after me in this world.

3. Actually I don’t have any expectations, I am just very excited and believe that it will incredible experience. For me experience and the process and everything what will be going on with us during this contest is much more important than the final result. I will just fully enjoy the process. And for sure I am excited to meet with girls from all over the world, to make friends, to share our beautiful experience.

4. Just be real, be yourself, enjoy the process and appreciate that you are already the part of this amazing agent “Miss Europe Continental 2022”.

5. I don’t have special preparations, just keep myself in my best shape-physically and mentally and can’t wait to come to Italy!

6. I have one project in my mind and it’s connected with charity. As I told you before I would like to help people and I would like to create a charity organisation, where people can address not only for material help, for mentality help also, because in our world so many stress, so many complicated situations, I would like to make people happier in this world.