I'm Jasmin Falk. Born in Augsburg, Germany. I'm also living in Augsburg, Germany.

My origins are half German and half Sudanese. I got 2 brothers in my home cultus Congolese because my stepfather (who raised me is like my real father) is from Congo Africa. My mum is German.

I'm a Project Manager and also work part time in a bar And I'm a fulltime Model !

I participate because I want to show the world that modeling is not also about looking good but also about hard work and that everyone can make it if they put in that work.

I participate at Miss Europe continental because it’s a really great opportunity to become someone who can give a positive influence.

The reason why I decided to become not just a model but a successful model started in 2020. I always had that feeling that life got more for my family and me to show and in 2020 I had a chance a friend of mine was asking me to be on a photoshooting with him. The pictures was publishedin a French magazine. It’s called malvie mag.

I had so much fun that I was thinking about becoming a professional model but it was just a thought at first.

Except this chance.

Nothing was given to me before and I had to work for everything in my life. 

I had a few strokes of fate in my life and the one part I was close to losing my father because the doctor was giving him the wrong medicine, therefore he suffered from a rare disease and I visited him almost every day while the doctors almost gave him up. 

At this point I realized more than ever that nothing in life is promised. A view of other things in life also made me realize that I have to make it a mission to achieve my goals.

And I’m Training very hard for my stay in the final in Neapel and I want to get the best of it to start my serious career. 

Afte I can show the world a view of my achievements I want to give other womens the hope that everything is possible so I’m working to fulfill my dreams.