I am Argentina, I am 22 years old and I dedicate myself to Modeling. I really like fitness and I lead a healthy life since I train a lot and dedicate a lot of time to everything that has to do with personal care and aesthetics. I am traveling the world and living in each place for a while, knowing and doing what I am passionate about in each place I travel. My goal is to continue traveling the world and dedicate myself to modeling in the places I get to know and acquire experiences from each place to continue growing on a personal level and learning different cultures and customs.

I am very excited about the idea of participating in the contest and living that experience since I love everything that has to do with aesthetic beauty and personal care.

 I hope to grow in the world of modeling since it is a good opportunity and a great step to continue more professionally with this world.

My future plans and my dream are to continue touring the world and discovering new countries being able to work in what I am passionate about, which is modeling and theater. I am also looking to find the country in which I feel totally fulfilled and comfortable for form my life there.