My name is Diana, I am 30 years old, originally from Russia and living in the United Arab Emirates. I do investments and real estate. I graduated from an oil university, but I never thought that this was not what my soul required. Quite recently, in 2019, having had a fatal illness, I completely changed my thinking and realized how I want to live my life and how to fill it. During that period, I gained a lot of weight (although this was the last thing that worried me), lost faith in myself, life and health. And after going through this difficult time, l completely rethought my path. This terrible experience gave me my wonderful life, in which for 3 years I have always said YES to almost new experience, emotions, knowledge, communications, constantly expanding the boundaries. 

I want to spend every minute of my life doing something that makes me happy and inspires me. From childhood, I wanted to be a singer, I’ll come to this later, I wanted to connect my life with fashion and the beauty industry, this is finally happening now. 

I also love adrenaline sports, they awaken in me a passion for life, open and expand new facets and possibilities of my body and mind. This competition is like a fairy tale for me, which little Diana dreamed about as a child and did not even think that she had once been used in place of those beautiful girls with magazines or TV.  I love to share bright emotions and positive.  

And in order to do this, I need to be filled with it myself. All my hobbies and new opportunities fill me, and I, in turn, share with everyone I come into contact with in life, and this inspires me even more.  I want to gain even more popularity in order to broadcast my way of life and thinking, to which anyone can come if they wish.  I love to communicate, I am inspired by people, beautiful places, beautiful music, positive atmosphere and I want every person, even in the farthest corner, to feel the same as me, albeit in their own way.

I like to do something new and go where it's scary.  I want to become more financially secure and wealthy for people who are ill or have had lymphostasis. I feel alive and needed by caring for others.  When I was a child, I grew up for a short time in an orphanage where my grandmother worked, with sick and abandoned children.  Even then, l was so insightful that l persuaded my parents to adopt a girl from this orphanage.  

I will be happy to get new experience and meet incredible people at this wonderful event in my life. See you. Bye!