Let’s meet our Miss from Colombia.

Tell us a little about your life where you were born, how is your life that you dedicate yourself to? 

‘’My name is Betsy Buitrago Betancourt I am 34 years old, I am from the city where one wakes up with the aroma of coffee; Armenia -Quindío. I proudly represent my country Colombia. From a very young age I was always profiled as a queen and model, a career that for that time was a dream, over the years the continuous persistence on the part of preparers and that was how with the necessary age and the approval of my mother I reached the universe of queens and models.

So I took the opportunity, became passionate about this universe and was fortunate to represent my city and my department in several competitions. With the passing of the years came acting and modeling, I graduated as a business administrator, I am currently an entrepreneur in the agricultural sector  I want to show that no matter the age women can highlight beauty at any stage of their lives. In addition, I want to make the most of this platform, the knowledge and trajectory of all the professionals who will be part of Miss Europe Continental.

I hope to  meet the different ambassadors of the world and their different cultures, to make known my beautiful country Colombia and to represent it in style.   To know and learn more about the culture of Napoli Italy and take me back to my country one more experience for my life. My future plans are focused on helping to strengthen the countryside as I have been doing since my agrarian enterprise, because without a field there is no city. Continue studying and preparing to be a better actress, model and businesswoman who works for Colombian culture and agriculture.’’