Where focus goes, energy flows.

Kaley Ambers will represent Canada at the International edition of Miss Europe Continental. Kaley is so beautiful and determined, an explosion of energy. Read her presentation to find out more about her.

“My name is Kaley Ambers. I am 21 years old and I am from Ontario, Canada. As of this past month, I have just completed my four year nursing degree at the University of Ottawa. I have a large passion for working in health care. I currently work in a trauma unit where I take care of patients who have suffered traumatic injury.

Outside of the medical field I have many other hobbies. I am an adrenaline junky who enjoys sports such as skydiving, freestyle skiing, snowboarding and surfing. I have my licensee to coach both skydiving and skiing, and I love helping others learn such incredible sports. My feminine side comes out most when I am modelling.

When I was 16 years old, two modelling agencies told me I was too short to be a model. I had always wanted to try it as I loved the way it made me feel; confident and powerful. I decided not to let my height stop me from doing something I loved, so I strived to do it on my own.  As of now, I model for a few different brands and love it! It is now 2022, and is more common for all body types to model, tall or short. I don’t know where modelling will take me but I am looking forward to the journey”.

Photo credits:

Aldo Alejandro Ramírez Rodríguez
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Giani Gomes
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