Tell a little about yourself and your story.

Some people who know me closely advise me to write a book. My life story is too unusual. A film director became interested during Zurich Film Festival, who knows, maybe one day it will be a movie. To say short, with me you will never be bored. I'll drive you crazy. 

I have one big addiction. Noone is without a sin. Of course I don't play casino, don't smoke, don't take drugs or alcohol at all. I love to help. Once helping poor orphan kids in small village i met a group of 17 talented girls. I helped them to come to attend a festival in Capital, which was shown on TV. This group of 17 girls won the song competition, got presents and pictures with celebrities. They had never been in the Capital before and for them their dreams came true, kids were extremely happy and very much thankful to me. I never expected it as I did my best for them from the bottom of my heart. I became addicted from that time- it is great to help kids, to see their shiny eyes, happy faces, and to help them reach their dreams.

 What do you do in life and what are your dreams? 

I was born in a city with strict rules for girls and deep respect for adults. It is just happened to be that when I was 14 one of photographer came to school and I was selected and invited for professional photo shoot. The photographer was preparing her works for exhibitions. It was a success. After that, my parents sent me to a modeling school. At the age of 15 years old I started to do my first steps at the podium that I do till now. Every season i walk at Milan Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week. Work with  photographers and designers around the world. Showing their gowns on red carpets of iconic events as Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, Zurich Film Festival and other worldknow places. It is such a happiness to do what you love and work with creative talented people.

I have an interesting journey and life personally introduced me to some celebrities, top business leaders, Ambassadors, Prime Ministers, Ministers, some Presidents, Royalties, top politicians and many more great personalities.

The biggest lesson I learned: you can have everything in this world, just needs to dream and go for it! 

I love to dream. It is a power of imagination. 

Since beeing a child, I had so much kindness and love in my heart for every person or creature and for the whole world that I constantly dreamed of happiness and harmony for every heart and family. Thanks to my beloved parents i had a great experience. With years I realised that is the hardest goal to achieve and this global dream is still remains the same. 

The second global dream: I would make the world without any addictions: drugs, alcohol, tobacco, casinos. I think freedom is the biggest happiness what people have. I guess all of us understood it really well during quarantine. In my opinion is not fair for any smart humanbeen to be addicted from such a small thing as a cigarette for example what is actually controlling you as you addicted to it. I can't imagine of being controlled by few grams of dry grass. If you deeply think about it, is it sounds funny. I don’t believe above addictions are worth it.

 What do you expect from this experience?

To be Miss Europe Continental 2023. As a holder of such title to multiple everyone's success. Bring more happiness and kindness to this world. 

 What advice would you give to other competitors?

You are here, you are a Beauty Queen. Beauty Queens are ambitious, have a drive to win and so should you. As you know: “Your attitude determines your altitude”. A kind, positive attitude, being loving, caring to others, being a responsible for the title and non stop seeking opportunities to stretch and grow you will guarantee success. Always be willing to push the boundaries and raise the bar. Queen is a lifetime state. 

 How are you preparing to face in the best way?

All my life I'm daily improving my soul, spirit, body and mind. There are no limits for perfection. It is a cool path to hold in so rapidly charging world. To see daily an upgraded version of yourself: "Hello, it is me ❤️ My name is Natalie". 

 Tell us about your future projects

Work with Miss Europe Continental for many years ahead. Sure, it will be a mutually enjoyable journey. I'm a perfectionist. I put my 100% into anything and everything I do and my endeavour is to reach the top.

Every next fashion season: Milan Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week,  New York Fashion Week and London of course are on my list. 

I represent Switzerland and am in love with it. Everyone needs to exlore gorgeous swiss horizons. I would like to bring more fashion into Switzerland. It is an amazing, pure,  beautiful country and deserves to get a solid niche in a fashion world. Zurich Fashion Week included in worldknown fashion schedule would be a great achievement. 

In personal life I would like to start the most important project in my life and build a happy family in mutual love, respect and care. I do put a lot of meaning in each of these words: love, care, respect. Hope you do it also. 

Natalie Spivak 
Miss Europe Continental Switzerland