Today we meet our beautiful Miss Saga Berglind Bjarnardòttir.

About herself she tells us:

''I’m 29 years of age, Icelandic to the bone, I was born in Reykjavík, my country has a population of 350k and we are known for our clean beautiful nature, sustainable energy resources and clean water. I grew up with my strong independent mother and sister and by the age of 13 I already had my first job and I worked super hard from an early age to make my dreams come to fruition. I studied Car Mechanics after high school, I am a certified Personalization trainer as well. I did my first start up when I was 19, importing a small variety of products as I moved from home at 17 years old.

I had my Own food truck when I was 26. Then I sold my business and invested in my Music career where I worked as a General Manager at a big restaurant at the start of my Music journey. I have a 9 years old son that means the World to be and He is a perfect symbol of a kind hearted humble being.

Today I am a singer and entrepreneur and my dreams are to be a High Fashion Model with great acting skills added to my big variety of vocal skills. My heart wishes to be a role model for women to know, anything they set their mind to and work for can be achieved.

I wish to be a symbol of women celebrating each other.

I hope to gain more knowledge, and I am excited to better myself through the challenges and training in the undertaking. I am to become stronger and more prepared for future challenges and I am ready to make an impact through my endeavours as well, I can’t wait to enjoy the process.  I am on full front of preparing nutritious and lively food every day that feeds my cells and gives me the fuel to do my best every day, I have a beauty regimen routine with my skin, and I exercise lightly with my body weight to keep lean long muscles active to be healthy and well prepared. I will fly to London to meet Master-coach Romeo, who has trained girls for years in a 360٠ process for years and do a weekend training before the competition

To the other competitors I can say to know your strengths, focus on them, and learn to embrace your weakness and strengthen them in the undertaking, we are all Gorgeous, Beautiful and Strong

For my future I plan to expand my model portfolio and work with high end brands in the fashion industry, I aim to become better and strive ahead in the field of beauty, I have in my plan as well to make an album in the near future and hopefully market it worldwide.''