My name is Gintare - very unique Lithuanian name, therefore once abroad I like to be called Gin - makes things easy. For the past 10 years I have been traveling and living around the world. I have lived in 6 countries and traveled 45 countries so far. So I can call myself a passionate traveler and super adventurous.

I have 4 degrees so far, from which my main one is Textile Engineering. Furthermore, I always felt passion for Yoga, so currently I am studying one more degree of Yoga Teaching and already teaching yoga to my private clients.

I am funny, active and always surrounded by friends and people. I love spending time in nature and on the beach and of course traveling. 

At the moment I am working in a beauty salon and teaching yoga as well as studying Yoga Teaching in Sydney. 

My main dream and goal in life is to see and travel all the world countries and make memories and expand my knowledge by visiting new places and historical sites. I also dream that my family would be all healthy and my friends all happy and succeeded.

I expect that Miss Europe Continental contest will give me firstly a memorable experience and opportunity to meet people from all around the world. I expect to have a great time and try myself again on the beauty stage, as I also participated in a beauty contest in my teenage years.

The most important for myself and other competitors is always to stay humble and friendly, therefore I advise to take the most out of this experience and enjoy every second of new connections, beautiful event and surroundings of Naples - a beautiful location we all will have a chance to visit.

My preparation for this contest had to go a long way, as I had to come back from Australia to Lithuania firstly, where I got to see my family for a first time after 4 years. I am preparing for this contest in Lithuania, where I had a photoshoot, selecting my outfits as well as trying to stay healthy and fit. 

My expectations from myself are always high no matter what I do in life, for this reason I am coming not only to seek the crown but also make the most out of this experience as I am maximalist and a big adventurer.

I always have a lot of ideas in my head, which I try to materialise. My future dream project is to connect my broad experiences and knowledge of the studies and jobs I have done. This will help me to create a Wellness Centre, where people can have a full day of health and beauty treatments and activities, for example participate in Yoga sessions, get beauty treatments done and even use sauna and get massage for a full relaxation experience.